Rogz Urban Cat  Safety Collar

Rogz Urban Cat Safety Collar

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Spoil your cat with both style and safety while venturing outdoors with the Rogz Urban Safety Cat Collar. This fashionable collar is crafted from high-quality materials for long-lasting wear and features a breakaway buckle that releases if your cat gets snagged, preventing accidental choking. The collar is adorned with reflective stitching to ensure your kitty is seen during nighttime adventures. Available in a wide range of colors to find the perfect match for your feline friend.

Rogz UrbanCat Safety Collar is recommended for everyday use and identification. Made from a soft, plush material finished with rose gold trims, this collar is ideal for sensitive cats who love grabbing attention while they explore. The break-away safety buckle features three variable load settings that break open under enough strain from your cat, allowing your cat to safely escape out of the collar if necessary.


Soft Webbing: High grade webbing is durable and soft-to-touch.
Break-away Safety Buckle: Designed to break open if your cat’s collar gets caught.
Variable Load Safeloc Buckle: You can adjust the buckle’s holding strength.
Bell: To protect birds and help identify cats location.

Adjustable: Best fit for safety and comfort.

Available now in Small (for a regular sized cat)

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