Rogz Alleycat Breakaway Reflective Cat Collar

Rogz Alleycat Breakaway Reflective Cat Collar

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The Small (Med) Rogz Alley cat has a break away buckle with 3 settings enabling your cat to escape from situations where it may become hung up on a branch. There are 3 settings based on weight of your cat.

The XSmall Rogz Collar has a break away buckle with 1 setting which will breakaway when the load exceeds the cats weight (about 9 lbs)


Product features

  • Reflective for night-time visibility
  • Adjustable (small (med) size only. XSmall is breakaway at 9lbs.)
  • Break-away safety buckle
  • Highly durable
  • ID attachment and bell
  • Reflective nylon webbing.


Available in


  Size Neck Size Width of Webbing
AlleyCat Collar X-SMALL  6.5-9″ 8mm | 1/4″
AlleyCat Collar SMALL  8-12″ 11mm | 3/8″

How to adjust your Small Collar*

*(Note the xsmall cat collar does not need an adjustable slider as weights do not vary that much for small cats.)

The Rogz breakaway collar features a 3 way adjustable slider located at the back of the buckle. The buckle is set at the factory to the lowest setting, so It may need to be adjusted to your cat based on weight.

To adjust the collar to your cats weight, slide the red slider towards the left with your finger(red slider on thee lowest setting/right side with buckle facing you). If the slider is difficult to move, you can also press down on the left side of the slider (the part with the plastic sticking out the most.) This will make the slider easier to slide, 

The rough guide to weights are as follows:-

6.6lbs - 11 lbs (3kg) use the lowest setting. 

11lbs-19lbs use the medium setting.

19lbs+ - use the high setting.

*The XSmall collar only has one level.



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