Rogz Glowcat Cat Collar with Safety Buckle

Rogz Glowcat Cat Collar with Safety Buckle

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range Catz
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species Cat
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For cats that like to venture about in the dark, the Glowcat cat collar makes an excellent accessory.

Made from glow-in-the-dark materials, it glows in total darkness without a battery, and features Rogz break-away buckle that snaps open if the buckle feels too much strain, potentially saving your cat if their collar is caught on something during their explorations.

Glow in the dark materials, will allow you to spot your feline friend in total darkness.

Customers rave about this Rogz collar  - Quality Style Value and Fun Rogz

Fits Cats with neck sizes 8in - 12in (small)  x-small now also available for kittens in black or blue.

 Selected as best cat collar by Business Insider, Amazon and others.

Cat Collar Glow in Dark


How to measure collar size for your cat.

  Size Neck Size Width of Webbing
GlowCat Collar Small / Cats  8-12in  3/8in
  X-Small/Kittens 6.5-9in 1/4in

break-away-safety-buckle Break away safety buckle  
variable-load-safeloc-buckleVariable Load Safeloc Buckle
 reflective-materialsReflective Materials

 glow-in-the-darkGlow in the Dark


Colors: Black, Blue, White/Red (Gecko), White/Gold (Goldfish), Pink 

Glow In Dark feature works after being charged by light.

How to adjust your Collar

The Rogz breakaway collar features a 3 way adjustable slider located at the back of the buckle. The buckle is set at the factory to the lowest setting, so It may need to be adjusted to your cat based on weight.

To adjust the collar to your cats weight:

1. Pull the buckle apart it should separate easily as it is on lowest setting.

2. Choose the cat size (shown on the product tag - small medium and large cat image.)

3. Slide the red slider towards the bigger cat images shown on the back of slider.

The rough guide to weights are as follows:-

6.6lbs - 11 lbs (3kg) use the lowest setting. 

11lbs-19lbs use the medium setting.

19lbs+ - use the high setting.

The bell on this collar is removable.




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    Lj Rn over 2 yearsago

    Love this product! Excellent quality, Love the flow in the dark feature, we keep adding cats & adding more of this product! Initially saw a great review online, it proved to be true, a must buy!