Rogz Kitten Collar Reflectocat Breakaway X-Small

Rogz Kitten Collar Reflectocat Breakaway X-Small

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Item Code :  CB240
size Small
range Catz
range-sub Reflectocat
species Cat
purpose WalkTime

X-Small for Kittens and slender cats

Printed reflective webbing. Ideal for night time visibility.

Rogz Reflective Cat Collar - Affordable, Durable, and Comfortable to wear

Important safety features include reflective materials and a breakaway safety clasp.

Not only is this collar practical and loaded with safety features, but it is also cute and comfortable for your cat.

 Made from durable but lightweight materials including scratchproof webbing, the Rogz Catz Breakaway Cat Collar has a highly reflective surface that also glows in the dark for nighttime visibility. It features a breakaway safety buckle

Available in six colors and patterns. Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Lime

Adjustable to fit small cats/kittens with neck circumference of 6-9 inches.

In addition to being featured in Thoroughly Reviewed's list of top ten cat collars, the Rogz Catz Breakaway Cat Collar is also a top choice for Cat Safety Collars

Customers enjoy the adjustability of the collar as well as the fashionable design.

Overall, it's a bargain at less than $15 that will keep your cat safe when he or she is wandering around outdoors.

Printed reflective webbing. Ideal for night time visibility.

Size         Neck Size            

X-Small      6-9in

Small          8-12in

*Why does Rogz only have small and x-small house cat collars?

These collars are designed in and sourced from South Africa, where the big cats roam.

Cats come in all sizes. Rogz house cat collars are adjustable to fit X-Small (Kitten) and Small (regular house Cat)

Why only these two size? So we respect other cats - example  Medium(Caracal) Large (Cheetah), X-Large (Leopard) and XX-Large (Lions) .


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