AirTech Ultra Lite Dog Leash

AirTech Ultra Lite Dog Leash

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Rogz AirTech UltraLite  Dog Leash is lightweight, easy to stow away for off leash activities and compact.

The patented 'Helium' tether is sound free and quiet for action in nature for those long outdoor adventures. Originated from the Kite-Surfing connection used by Kite Surfers, this is an extremely strong but lightweight connector for your leash made with Dyneema which is like the Kevlar of ropes.

The 360 degree reflective stitching ensures great night time visibility.


  • Lightweight - Easy to carry and pack with lightweight trims, components, soft tethering mesh webbing.
  • 360 degree reflective - Be visible with multiple areas of reflectivity to ensure great night time visibility on sidewalks and roads.
  • Accesory Loop - Attaching poop bags, keys and name and id tags
  • Helium Tether - Connect with patent pending and original easy to use lightweight, noise free and extremely strong connector - originally used in the KiteSurfing industry.
  • Compactible - Easy to Fold and Stow away.

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