Rogz Reflective Dog Leash Fanbelt Large 6ft x 3/4in - Utility
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Rogz Reflective Dog Leash Fanbelt Large 6ft x 3/4in - Utility


Price : $13.95
Item Code :  HLL06
range Utility
Species Dog
Size Large
range-sub Fanbelt
Matching Accessories HC06

Few frills, no fuss. Just great quality and reflective touch. Rogz Highly Reflective Utility Range is both the black tie and the 4x4 of the Rogz range. Timeless and classic, hardy but cool. Never shaken - or stirred. The 6 foot leash with its woven reflective threads stitched into high quality webbing is the ideal solution for the teenagers of the Dog Species. Straight-forward and durable with ultimate night time visibility. All joins are box stitched for extra strength and a quality finish. Note that this range needs to be turned inside out when operating in stealth mode as the reflective stitching is found on one side.For those of you who prefer the more subtle approach without compromising on the cool reflective quality, the ROGZ Utility is perfect.  Lively colours with reflective stitching will give you guaranteed satisfaction.

why-buy-reflective-stitching.jpg - Reflective Stitching - Reflective yarn is woven into the webbing for night time visibility.

why-buy-die-cast-ring.jpg - Die-cast components - Custom designed die cast (no welding). Nickel-plated clip, rust-proof and tarnish-free.

Specifications - Acetyl Plastic Components, Zinc DieCast Components, Reflective Stitching, Nylon webbing

 Size Guide 


Dog Sizes


Width of Webbing

S (Nitelife)

Miniature Poodle; Chihuahua; Maltese; Pom; Yorkie

6 foot


M (Snake)

Maltese Poodle; Terrier; Jack Russell; Scotty; Pug

6 foot


L (Fanbelt)

Dalmation; Spaniel; Doberman; Boxer; Staffie

6 foot


XL (Lumberjack)

Rotweiler; Great Dane; Ridgeback; Bouvier; Labrador

6 foot


XXL (Landing Strip)

German Shepherd; St. Bernard; Bulldog; Bullmastif; Bouvier

6 foot

1 5/8"

Coming soon.

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