Rogz Short Control Shock Absorbing Leash - X-Large 2ft 7in

Rogz Short Control Shock Absorbing Leash - X-Large 2ft 7in

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size X-Large
range Utility
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species Dog
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Rogz Shock Absorbing Control Leash - Short 2ft 7in

Ideal length for controlling strong large dogs. The short length helps keeps control and the shock absorbing leash educes arm and ligament strains.

Rogz solution for strong, erratic pullers is the world’s first dual-functioning Control system!
The shock absorbing webbing reduces strain on both you and your dog while our patented ShocLoc TM  system can lock out the shock absorbing function, if close control is needed.
To prevent accidental release or breakaway, our SnapLoc TM  Trigger hook can be locked with an easy twist once attached to a collar or harness. A waste bag holder and accessory D-Ring for your ID tag or keys are additional features.
Reflective stitching for great night time visibility and a Close Control handle for high traffic zones, ensure the Rogz’ Control Lead puts you back in the driving seat!
roglocShock Absorbing Webbing               low-load-technology ShocLoc Control
reflective-stitchingReflective Stitching                         contoured-plastic-componentSnapLoc Trigger Hook


Waste Bag Holder


Extends from 2ft 7in to 3ft 2in

LUMBERJACK X-LARGE 25mm / 1” 2ft 6in



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