Utility Handsfree Lead

Utility Handsfree Lead

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range Utility
purpose Walking
species Dog
purpose Walking
category Beltz

Walking the dog can be fun and stress free!

Rogz Utility Handsfree leads/leashes are designed with dual adjustability as both the waistband and lead/leash length are adjustable to different lengths, offering great versatility.

The shock absorbing webbing reduces strain on both you and your dog while the close control handle improves control in high traffic zones. Reflective stitching for night-time visibility provides safety in various conditions.

Disclaimer: You should only make use of a handsfree leash if your dog is well trained and not subject to running off and you are confident you can control your dog. Please make use of the close control handle if in a high traffic area. 



Available in Black, Blue, Dayglo Yellow Pink and Red.


Available Sizes

L, M, XL


Black, Blue, Dayglo, Pink, Red


Close control handle, Dual adjustability, Handsfree lead, Reflective stitching, Shock absorbing webbing, Waste bag holder

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