AirTech Dog Sport Belt and Leash Set

AirTech Dog Sport Belt and Leash Set

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Rogz delivers an ultimate hands free dog leash that is comfortable, lightweight and safe. Perfect for outdoor adventurers that need quality value and functionality.

The adjustable leash is attached with a strong lockable caribiner. Shock absorbing webbing reduces the pull / jerkiness on you and the dog.

Padded Sport belt has been custom deisgned for safety and efficiency. The emergency release enables you to quickly disconnect if needed. 

A storage pouch for keys, phones and other items as well as area to stow the leash is included.


  • Carabiner belay Loop – Enables side to side freedom of movement
  • Utility Pouch – Pouch on belt for waste bag, cell phone, dog treats, keys and other uses
  • Emergency Quick Release Toggle - Based on Kite Surfing technology – Pull toggle to release in emergency if needed. Patent Pending
  • Shock Absorbing Webbing – Reduces the amount of jerking by absorbing shock between your and the dogs movements
  • 360 degree reflective – Highly Visible with multiple reflective areas to ensure great night time visibility for cars and oncoming traffic
  • High strength to weight ratio - ideal for long hikes.


Disclaimer: Hands Free Leash Safety is dependent on you and your relationship and understanding of your dog. Dogs can change their state of mind rapidly so you need to be aware of 


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AdjusterSport belt   lead lead adjustment glory 1 online
Lead StowSport belt   lead lead stow away glory 1 online
Glory SetSport belt   lead set glory 1 online
Glory PerspectiveSport belt   lead set glory perspective online

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