Stop Pull Harness

Stop Pull Harness

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species Dog
purpose WalkTime

Rogz Stop Pull Dog harness is the perfect harness for walking and training your dog.

Gentle applied pressure halts your dog and aids behavior correction. Padded for extra comfort and support.

Available in 5 colors, 3 Sizes. 

Size Guide: Chest 

Stop Pull Harness Sizes


  • Reflective
  • Stop-Pull and  Double Stop Pull
  • B-Ring & Stopper
  • Stow-Away
  • Elastic
  • Double
  • Comfortable

Can be used with Rogz Classic Multi-Leash or Classic Leash 

With Multi Lead

1 Halts your dog via applied pressure 

2 Re-direct your dogs head for improved control
& obedience.

With Classic Leash

Soft applied pressure around girth,
• halts dog for improved control.


Size Width of Webbing Chest Size
MEDIUM 0.63 in 12.5 – 20.5in
LARGE 0.79 in 18 – 29.5 in
X LARGE 1 in 23.6 – 39 in

This stop pull dog harness is best for training.


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