Classic Step In Dog Harness Reflective

Classic Step In Dog Harness Reflective

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purpose Walking
sub-group Step-In Harness
Species Dog
group Harness

Rogz Classic Reflective Step in Harness has been specially crafted for dogs that are extremely active and adventurous.

A woven reflective thread stitched into high quality nylon webbing, makes it reflective and suitable for night time vision and complies with all the regulations laid down by the Night Visibility Bureau. (NVB)

This sturdy harness can handle any strenuous activity and still keep your pet looking good.

Colors Available:-black, blue, red, orange, purple, turqoise, dayglo yellow, brown, pink, green


  • Reflective Stitching
  • Easy to Fit
  • Comfortable
  • High Durability
  • Extra Strong


  Size Width of Webbing Neck Size Girth
Nitelife SMALL 11mm | 3/8″ 200-310mm | 8-13″ 270-380mm | 10-15”
Snake MEDIUM 16mm | 5/8″ 260-400mm | 10-16″ 420-610mm | 16-24”
Fanbelt LARGE 20mm | 3/4″ 340-560mm | 13-22″ 530-760mm | 21-30”
Lumberjack X-LARGE 25mm | 1″ 430-700mm | 17-27″ 670-103mm | 26.4-40.6″

Sizes Available:-

  • X-Large (Lumberjack)
  • Large (Fanbelt)
  • Medium (Snake)
  • X-Small (Nitelife) sizes

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