Lighthouse Floating Dog Toy

Lighthouse Floating Dog Toy

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Does your dog live for the water?

Have your pooch search the high seas for the Rogz Lighthouse, the perfect water-toy! The lighthouse floats and stands upright in water, making it easy to spot for both you and your dog! The cleverly positioned cord on the top makes throwing the lighthouse a breeze; the lighthouse is the perfect toy for summer, let your dog enjoy the vacation!

Rogz LightHouse Floating is shaped just like a lighthouse and colored with contrasting red and white stripes, this toy just does'nt only float it bobs in the water upright like an ocean buoy! The Rogz LightHouse will stand tall in the waves and in any pool, dam or puddle of water because it is weighted at the bottom. This makes it easier for your dog to see and grab.

The cleverly positioned sling-shot cord on the top of the toy makes throwing the Lighthouse simple and cleaner (no more dog slobber on your hands) not to mention you could well compete in the Olympics for distance throwing! This is the perfect float and retrieve toy designed for your dog – just don’t leave it lying around as the LightHouse is not a chew-toy!

Super Buoyancy - It floats and stands up just like an "ocean buoy"! Much easier to spot in rough surf as it bobs upright.

Easy Throwing - Grab the cord and swing it as far as you can. Easy for your kids too.

High Visibility - The contrasting red and white stirpes are specially visible to dogs and makes it easier for them to fetch in any type of water conditions.width="51"

Safe in Mouth - Safe and comfortable on your dogs gums.

CE Approved, Non Toxic, Polyprop Rope, TPR, Natural Rubber

Approx 9.5" tall and 2.5" wide

We recommend that your pet plays with toys under supervision, especially if your pet is likely to eat or pull apart the toy.

This is a play time toy. When finished play time, remove the toy and if needed replace with a chew time toy like the Rogz Gumz ball.


Water sports just got a whole lot more exciting with the Lighthouse. It floats and stands upright making it easier to spot in rough surf.


super-buoancySuper Buoyancy easy-throwingEasy Throwing high-visibility High Visibility  soft-in-mouth Soft in Mouth bite-o-meter-2 Bite-o-meter


Tough long lasting toy for summer of fun. 

 The Rogz LightHouse has taken the Rogz Mojo to the next level. Not only does the LightHouse float in the craziest and busiest ocean waves but it stands erect in the water, allowing for even better visibility in the water along with its contrasting red and white stripes. The built-in rope and bobble at the top of the LightHouse acts as a bungy sling to really get the most distance and height out of your throw. While the LightHouse is a throw, fetch and float toy, it is not a chew toy and will need to be taken away from your dog after play time. The Rogz LightHouse is one dog toy that your dog cannot do without this summer.

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