Rogz Control Martingale Web Collar

Rogz Control Martingale Web Collar

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species Dog
purpose WalkTime
range Utility
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Rogz Web Control Collar is a safe, non-slip collar recommended for behaviour correction and training. Through gently-applied pressure, when attached to a lead, the two D-rings are drawn together, tightening slightly to prevent your dog from reversing out of the collar.

It's only natural that your dog wants to explore the world around them. But when you're out on a walk, you need to be in control of your dog at all times - for their safety and yours.

That's where the Rogz Control Martingale Web Collar comes in. It looks like your average dog collar, but where you attach your dog's lead, there's a strong nylon loop. When your dog's on their lead, the loop tightens when your dog pulls, exerting gentle pressure on your dog's neck. It's a safe and easy way to help your dog learn how to walk on a lead - and puts you back in control.

  • Made from durable, lightweight nylon
  • Safe, non-slip collar designed to help your dog learn how to walk on a lead
  • Clip your dog's lead onto the chrome ring and the nylon loop underneath will tighten when your dog pulls at their lead, applying gentle pressure on your dog's neck 
  • Adjusts to fit your dog
  • Reflective stitching ensures you and your dog are visible at night, or in low light conditions
  • Not what you’re after? Don’t worry – there’s so much more to choose from.

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