Classic Padded Dog Collar

Classic Padded Dog Collar

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Padded Collar with breathable diamond mesh,distributes pressure evenly to ensure comfort.

Double reflective stitching enhances night and day-time visibility.

Double Quick Dry
Reflective Stitching

Sizes available fits neck size:

L - HBP06 (12 - 16.5")

XL - HBP05 (14.5-21") selected size

XXL - HBP19 (19 -27.5")

Features and Benefits
Non- Shift Pad

-fits necks from 14.5in to 21in circumference.

What are the benefits of the Non-Shift Pad?
Distributes an even pull load,
The Non Shift Pad distributes an even pull load, ensuring safe pressure against our dog's neck.

Breathable diamond mesh ensures there is no chaffing while the even pull
your dog's neck.

Comfortable: Why is the Classic Collar Padded comfortable?
Padded for extra comfort, wo adjustable tri-glide sliders ensure you get the best fit for safety and comfort.
and support. The width and thickness of the diamond mesh absorbs pressure reducing the pull load on your dog's neck.

Designed in Cape Town, South Africa. Manufactured in South Africa. A Very Special collar for dogs

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