Rogz by Kong Grinz Ball with Teeth

Rogz by Kong Grinz Ball with Teeth

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Rogz by Kong Grinz Ball with Teeth

We put a smile on you and the dog! 

Our Grinz ball is the original ball with teeth. Not jjust a pretty smile, this ball is made with baby pacifier rubber so it's safe but also strong and durable too!

Introducing the Grinz Ball, guaranteed to put a toothy, cheesy smile on your dog’s face… literally! This unique smiling fetch ball is comprised of soft rubber, making it the premiere toy for chewing and fetching; additionally, the Grinz Ball floats, making it perfect for the dog that loves to get wet! A hole in the back of the Grinz Ball allows for the insertion of treats. Endless fun. 

why-buy-bounce-and-fetch.jpg - Bounce and Fetch - Soft enough not to hurt your dogs teeth, but firm enough to bounce.

why-buy-float.jpg - Float - Made from SEBS which floats nicely on the water for easy fetching.

why-buy-treat.jpg - Treat - Insert treats into the holes for hours of fun, entertainment, mental stimulation and reward.

why-buy-chew-toy.jpg - Chew - Designed for dogs teeth and build up strength in thier jaws. If your dog shreds toys you should monitor their product. Some dogs can shred anything.

why-buy-bite-o-meter-3.jpg - Bite-o-Meter - Medium Hardness 

High visibility - in these 4 great colors OrangePink,  Green and Blue

Specifications - CE Approved, Non Toxic, TPR (same as Baby pacifier Rubber.)

The Grinz ball may not sit perfectly in the mouth on the first try, but this is part of the fun, its random, so you will have unexpected fits of joy whenever it happens. But keep your camera/phone handy and share on social media.

Sizes Available

Small - 2in diameter, about the size of a goldball - for small dogs or cats.

Medium - This ball is 2.5in about the size of a baseball. Fits in Chuckit(tm)!  - Perfect size for all retrievers.

Large - This ball is 3.0 in about the size of a Softball - Ideal for MegaDogz.

We recommend that your pet plays with toys under supervision, especially if your pet is likely to eat or pull apart the toy. While the product us super strong, leaving this Playtimme toy alone with the dog may eventually lead to damage. For chewTime, our Gumz toy is the ideal partner.

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