Rogz by Kong Grinz Ball with Teeth

Rogz by Kong Grinz Ball with Teeth

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Rogz by Kong Grinz Ball with Teeth

We put a smile on you and the dog! 

Our Grinz ball is the original ball with teeth.

Introducing the Grinz Ball, the only pet toy guaranteed to put a toothy, cheesy smile on your dog’s face… literally! This unique smiling fetch ball is comprised of soft rubber, making it the premiere toy for chewing and fetching; additionally, the Grinz Ball floats, making it perfect for the dog that loves to get wet! A hole in the back of the Grinz Ball allows for the insertion of treats. Endless fun. 

why-buy-bounce-and-fetch.jpg - Bounce and Fetch - Soft enough not to hurt your dogs teeth, but firm enough to bounce.

why-buy-float.jpg - Float - Made from SEBS which floats nicely on the water for easy fetching.

why-buy-treat.jpg - Treat - Insert treats into the holes for hours of fun, entertainment, mental stimulation and reward.

why-buy-chew-toy.jpg - Chew - Designed for dogs teeth and build up strength in thier jaws. If your dog shreds toys you should monitor their product. Some dogs can shred anything.

why-buy-bite-o-meter-3.jpg - Bite-o-Meter - Medium Hardness 

High visibility - in these 4 great colors OrangePink,  Green and Blue

Specifications - CE Approved, Non Toxic, TPR (same as Baby pacifier Rubber.)


Sizes Available

Small - 2in diameter, about the size of a goldball - for small dogs or cats.

Medium - This ball is 2.5in about the size of a baseball. Fits in Chuckit(tm)!  - Perfect size for all retrievers.

Large - This ball is 3.0 in about the size of a Softball - Ideal for MegaDogz.



We recommend that your pet plays with toys under supervision, especially if your pet is likely to eat or pull apart the toy.

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