RFO Rogz Flying Object

RFO Rogz Flying Object

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Item Code :  RF01
purpose WalkTime
division Dogz
category Beltz
species Dog
range Toys
purpose PlayTime

RFO Flying Object - The smarted flying disk for your dog. So unique it's out of this world!

It flies, it floats…its pure fun! and its safe  with soft but tough SST foam.

The RFO is light enough to float on the water, and its softness prevents tooth and gum damage often seen from conventional plastic Flying disks. It is so tough our in house Lab tester Roxy has one that has lasted for over 3 years.

The 3 holes in the toy allow for dogs of any size to pick it up with ease! They just grip it from the top with their teeth. No more struggling to pick up a flying disk that has fallen on the ground!

Perfect for the dog that loves to run, leap and swim!

why-buy-safe-soft.jpg - Safe Soft - Light weight, no more bleeding gums, worn/broken teeth, cut hands, comfortable to carry.

why-buy-easy-pick-up.jpg - Easy Pickup - Thick edge and different size holes assist for easy pickup.

why-buy-floats.jpg - Floats - Max visibility with high floating ability and not easily lost.

why-buy-fly-rite.jpg - Fly-Rite - Aerodynamic design with holes and counter weight cavity.

why-buy-bite-o-meter-2.jpg - Bite-o-Meter - Soft, no more bleeding gums or broken teeth.


Note: This is a PlayTime toy and not a ChewTime toy. Playtime toys should not be left for long periods with dogs that are not supervised, especially if your dog tends to rip things apart.

Specifications - RFO is made from SST (Safe Soft Technology) Foam, therefore no more bleeding gums. It is easy to pick up, floats and is odor resistant.

Available in 2 colors: 
Blue  - Blue is a great color as dogs see blue easily
Red - Red is easy to see against the sky and at the beach.
One size 9 inch diameter

Coming soon.