ReflectoCat Cat Harness and Lead Set X-Small

ReflectoCat Cat Harness and Lead Set X-Small

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Item Code :  CLJ240
size X-Small
range Catz
range-sub Reflectocat
species Cat
purpose WalkTime

This harness and lead combo is perfect for those nocturnal kitties. It is made from printed reflective webbing and is ideal for night time visibility.

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Size         Neck Size            Chest Size               Carry Handle width*

X-Small         6-9in                 8-12in                            2.5in

Small             8-12in                9-15n                            3in

*Why does Rogz only have small and x-small house cat collars?

Cats come in all sizes. Rogz house cat collars are adjustable to fit X-Small (Kitten) and Small (regular house Cat)

Why only these two size? - Rogz originates from South Africa where we also have collars for  Medium(Caracal) Large (Cheetah), X-Large (Leopard) and XX-Large (Lions) .

Coming soon.