Classic Dog H-Harness

Classic Dog H-Harness

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purpose WalkTime
sub-group H-Harness
group Harness
species Dog
range Utility
range Classic

The H-Harness with its woven reflective threads stitched into high quality webbing has been designed for Strength, Durability and Safety.

Straight-forward and durable with ultimate night time visibility. Standard features include a locking Buckle, the ROG-LOC, the Fort Knox of side release buckles, ensures the buckle stays fastened even during the most boisterous walks and all joins are box stitched for extra strength and a quality finish. Note: The additional D-ring is not available on the small size product.

Part of the Rogz Classic Range this reflective harness is both the black tie and the 4x4 of the Rogz range. Timeless and classic, hardy but cool. Never shaken - or stirred.

why-buy-reflective-stitching.jpg - Reflective Stitching - Reflective yarn is woven into the webbing for night time visibility.

why-buy-rogloc.jpg - RogLoc - The Fort Knox of release buckles, and is completely dog-paw resistant.

why-buy-contoured-plastic-component.jpg - Contoured plastic components - ROGZ rounded contoured plastic components ensure that every ROGZ collar fits as snug as a pug in a rug.

why-buy-die-cast-ring.jpg - Die-cast ring - Custom designed die cast ring (no welding). Electroplated chrome for a rust, tarnish free finish.

why-buy-easy-to-fit.jpg - Easy to Fit - Your dog just steps right in.

why-buy-comfortable.jpg - Comfortable - Transfers pressure from dogs neck to its chest.

why-buy-safety.jpg - Safety - Your dog can't pull out.

why-buy-adjustable.jpg - Adjustable - Designed to adjust to a comfortable fit.

Specifications - Acetyl Plastic Components, Zinc Die Cast Components, Reflective Stitching, Nylon Webbing

Size Guide


Dog Sizes

Adjustable Chest            

Width of Webbing


Miniature Poodle; Chihuahua; Maltese; Pom; Yorkie




Maltese Poodle; Terrier; Jack Russell; Scotty; Pug




Dalmation; Spaniel; Doberman; Boxer; Staffie



Extra Large

Rotweiler; Great Dane; Ridgeback; Bouvier; Labrador



Instructions for Use

Use harness only during walking.

It is not recommended that the harness be left on the dog as it may cause irritation on dogs with sensitive skins.

  • J

    Jeann Bob almost 4 yearsago

    Love this harness! It's a very comfortable fit for my dog. When travelling, she wears it all day, so comfort is an important thing. The lock is nice too - no accidentally coming unbuckled. Easy to launder too. Holds up great.