Fitpet Ahead+ Urinalysis Kit for Dogs

Fitpet Ahead+ Urinalysis Kit for Dogs

Item Code : FP001
Available on : 01-10-19 00:00 AM

Worried about your pets health? and pushed for time? 

A simple fitpet test can help by identifying up to 10 common pet illnesses. Order today test within 3 days from the convenience of your home.

Fitpet is an application based urine test kit that enables pet owners to identify up to 10 common illnesses such as UTI, bladder stones and diabetes at your own convenience. What's even better is that results are shown within minutes on your mobile phone.

Fitpet has also been certified with an accuracy of 99.6% by a leading Animal Medical Science Institute.

Ahead+ contains 1 Ahead and urine collecting tools.

*Ahead is a simple test inspection, not a diagnosis. If you notice any symptoms, please visit the vet for further examination.

All products are disposable and prohibited from reuse.


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