Rogz AirTech Classic Dog Collar

Rogz AirTech Classic Dog Collar

Item Code : HB8
Available on : 00-11/26/22-2022 00:00 AM rescue nil

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AirTech Classic Collar

New to your planet! - Rogz AirTech Basic Dog Collars features diamond mesh webbing for Safe and Trusted WalkTime with your dog. 


Available Sizes

Medium. Large, X-Large


Available Colours

NightSky Black
Sunset Pink
Rock Red
Burnt Ochre
Platinum Grey



Airtech Range Features And Benefits
Lightweight - Lightweight trims, components, soft tethering, and mesh webbing.
Supreme Comfort - Engineered fabric with soft, smooth rounded edges and diamond mesh.
Noise-free - Material and components that are durable and quiet in action.
360° Reflective - Multiple areas of reflective stitching ensuring great night-time visibility.
Safety - High strength and durability

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