Rogz Dog Multi Purpose Leash - Utility Line - X-Large - 6ft
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Rogz Dog Multi Purpose Leash - Utility Line - X-Large - 6ft


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Item Code :  HLM05
Size X-Large
range Beltz
range-sub Utility

This beautifully made, soft, but strong double nylon length leash for medium and large breeds has a highly polished chrome trigger hook and Stainless steel D-rings. With six useful functions and D-ring connectors strategically placed, this leash can be used as a long leash (5ft), a medium length leash (4ft), a short leash (3ft), a shoulder leash, a double leash for two dogs or a temporary tie out. The Rogz multi-purpose leash from CaliDogz provides the ultimate solution for all your leash needs. With the Quality and Value synonymous with CaliDogz, this leash will provide you with years of trouble free dog walking.

why-buy-mp-long-lead.jpg Long leash 5ft

why-buy-mp-medium-lead.jpg Medium Leash 4ft

why-buy-mp-short-lead.jpg Short Leash 3ft - Keep Rover close...

why-buy-mp-shoulder-lead.jpg Shoulder Leash - For Hands free dog management.....Carry more, text while walkies etc.....

why-buy-mp-double-lead.jpg Double Dog Leash - Take both dogs.... rescue a lost dog...

why-buy-mp-temporary.jpg Temporary tie out. No longer do you need to remove the leash to tie out the dog whilst you chat.

*Suitable for breeds including Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Collies, Sheppards and Mastiffs.

Width measuring approx (1in)


Coming soon.

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