Rogz Control Collar Reflective Martingale Medium Fits neck 12-18in
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Rogz Control Collar Reflective Martingale Medium Fits neck 12-18in

Item Code : HCW11
Available on : 08-12-19 00:00 AM

Rogz Control Collar Web


A safe, non-slip collar which gently applies pressure for improved control. Based on our classic Obedience collar, this collar has a durable nylon section that is pebble weaved for durability and strength.



Increased Control 

How does this product help control my dog?

The gently applied pressure from the collar created by the lead and walking action aids
in halting your dog, ensuring you maintain control at any-time.

Safe Non Slip

What makes the Control Collar Web safe?

When the collar is fitted correctly and a lead is attached to both die-cast rings, the
counter pulling action of your dog gently tightens without choking. This keeps them safe
and prevents them from slipping free, ensuring control when out walking. We advise that you do not leave this collar on your dog unattended.


Reflective Stitching

What are the benefits of reflective stitching?

A single reflective yarn is woven into both edges of the webbing for great
night-time visibility. No need to restrict where you take your dog for a walk, the
reflective stitching pops in natural sunlight and illuminates in the dark when light
reflects off the collar, making your furry friend visible in various conditions.

High Durability

What makes the Control collar highly durable?

Our metal and components are tough, weather resistant, water proof,
long lasting and versatile. The combination of these components combined with our
tightly stitched webbing make this product highly durable.

Available in 5 colors and  5 sizes

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